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just wondering

I have three little questions that I was hoping you all could help me out with:

1. Does anyone know where Mark Kozelek is based right now? I know a while ago he was in the bay area, but is that still true? I just realized I had no idea where he was now.

2. Is he working on anything? Solo? RHP? SKM?

3. I just found out about his book - Noites de Atropelo. It appears to be out of print - does anyone have any ideas on how to get a relatively cheap copy of it?

thanks in advance!

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1. the bay still

2. nothing at the moment according to his website

3. check sadreminders.com, i believe they have a link.. i got mine at a show
You can get this book on eBay from time-to-time. It is kinda spendy since it isn't publishced in the US.