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has anybody seen Mark on his current tour? i saw him in sf at the palace of fine arts. David Bazan was a stunning opener. Heron Blue is my favourite on April, what's yours?

Vinyl live album reissue set,and Nights of Passed Over out in May

From Sun Kil

Mark Kozelek's Limited Edition White Christmas Live and Little Drummer Boy Live will be released together as a special limited edition 4-piece vinyl set later in the year. The album will be released by Caldo Verde/Vinyl Films and will include a bonus exclusive live version of "Have You Forgotten." A limited amount of singed LP's will be available at

The new edition of Mark's lyric book "Nights of Passed Over" is under way and should be out by May.
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New live album and Ghosts... reissue

Just in time for the holidays, Caldo Verde Records will release a limited edition (10,000 North America), 20-song, live compilation from Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon songwriter Mark Kozelek. Little Drummer Boy Live was recorded during Kozelek's European and North American performances this past year. The double cd encompasses songs written throughout Mark Kozelek's career, including selections from his early days in Red House Painters ("Katy Song," "Bubble), Old Roman-era ("Void," "Cruiser"), and Sun Kil Moon ("Salvador Sanchez," "Duk Koo Kim") as well as personalized covers of Modest Mouse, Cars, and AC/DC, and two previously unreleased tracks. Guitarist Phil Carney (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon) joined Mark during several of these performances and appears on much of the album. Double CD.

01. Trucker's Atlas
02. Salvador Sanchez
03. Cruiser
04. Katy Song
05. Little Drummer Boy
06. All Mixed Up
07. Moorestown
08. Unlit Hallway
09. Duk Koo Kim
10. Four Fingered Fisherman
11. Lily and Parrots
12. Carry Me Ohio
13. Bubble
14. Mistress

01. Michigan
02. Void
03. Down Colorful Hill
04. Rock 'n Roll Singer
05. Glenn Tipton
06. Tiny Cities

Pre-order either through or,through

On January 23, 2007, Caldo Verde Records will re-issue Sun Kil Moon's Ghosts of the Great Highway. Originally released on November 3, 1003, the album received superlative reviews, moved quickly to #1 on college radio and has become one of singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek's most loved and best selling album in a 13-album career. Caldo Verde celebrates the success of Ghosts of the Great Highway with a new edition with re-worked packaging.

Also included is a 6-song bonus CD containing two versions of Leonard Bernstein's "Somewhere," alternate versions of "Carry Me Ohio" and "Salvador Sanchez," a radio recording of "Gentle Moon" recorded in Portugal, and the previously unreleased instrumental "The Arrival," which was recorded for the movie "The Girl Next Door." The album will be available for pre-order soon here at

Also,there's a contest going on for anyone that orders Little Drummer Boy Live through Caldo Verde;Check for details.
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Hi everyone!
I am a longtime Mark Kozelek fan, although I still don't have his entire discography (including the White Christmas album). I recently heard a recording of Katy Song from the BBC6 show that happened in November, and since then have been obsessed with finding acoustic live recordings. I figured this would be a great way to find out what is out there...I know Mark isn't that into bootlegs, but I have hope :o)
Also, I really love what I've heard of Tiny Cities and I'm very excited