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Medicine Bottle: A Red House Painters, Mark Kozelek & Sun Kil Moon Community

love's dimming light won't shine on tomorrow

red house painters, mark kozelek & sun kil moon
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an attempt at expanding the red house painters and mark kozelek online world & for fans on livejournal to get to know each other a little better.

please feel free to discuss the music, news, rumours, tour dates, bootleg trading, anecdotes & experiences.

more koz on the web:
mistress-- the official non-official red house painters yahoo group.
sad reminders-- the best place on the web for all things kozelek.
jetset records-- mark's current record label.
mark kozelek @ imdb-- information about the films that mark has been involved with at the internet movie database.
4ad, ac/dc covers, almost famous, badman records, bridge, cameron crowe movies, down colorful hill, duk koo kim, fix your fucking face, hot tears, if you want blood, indie, jetset records, larry fellows, mark kozelek, mistress, nights of passed over, ocean beach, ohio, old ramon, red house painters, rock n' roll singer, rollercoaster, sad reminders, sadcore, san francisco, shanti project, shopgirl, slocore, stillwater, stripped-down cover songs, sub pop, sun kil moon, take me home, the mistress list, vanilla sky, vinyl films, white christmas live